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Patrick, I would agree with you in saying that this is the future of marketing. Commercials that don’t really seem like commercials make it a lot easier to attract the attention of others and it helps to convey the message that the company is trying to get across.


another students blog

I couldn’t agree more. Employee relations are of tremendous importance within the workplace. If you are working for someone who doesn’t know how to relate or talk to you than it will make that particular job much harder to do. Before reading this blog if you would have asked me what job I would rather have between Barnes and Noble and caddying I would definitely have chose caddying. I always thought that caddying would be a cool job, but after reading this I’m not so sure anymore ha. It just goes to show that good relationships between employees go a long way. I also agree about micro managing. It can be incredibly annoying and bosses that are sticklers about it tend to get a long a lot worse with their employees. I also agree with hating when bosses treat their employees like children. It’s just ridiculous. It feels like your superior has a complete lack of respect for you. Unfortunately I have also experienced this feeling in the workplace. Employees definitely work harder and more efficiently if they can relate and get along with their bosses. Overall I definitely agree with your blog. Good employee relations are essential in the workplace, and managers that “micromanage” tend to not have good relationships with their employees.


another students blog

I would have to agree, and say the use of personal communication is both underused and undervalued, but I also don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. With the amount of social networking websites that are around today, and the increase of technology phone calls and face to face conversation will become eve harder to come by. I also agree that social media provides us with some sense of freedom to say what we feel, but this privaledge can be a double edged sword. The ability to be able to share things through the internet can be a good thing when it comes to social use, but when it comes to professional use their will always be a time or two when someone will slip up. Whether it be you or one of your friends someone will eventually post a comment or picture that may not be seen as appropriate to a current or future employer who may already be on that same site. Over all I agree in saying that personal communication us underused, but due to the increase in technology, that most likely isn’t going to change, and that’s probably not a good thing.

another students blog

This was an interesting post to me because I had never thought about the relationship between psychology and PR or marketing, but after reading this and thinking about it I don’t know how I never thought about this before. I definitely agree with the statement “marketing and PR directly relate to psychology and the use of the mind.” I also agree in saying that you can tell when a commercial was designed by a PR professional or just some hometown business. For instance whenever I’m watching television in my hometown I tend to see commercials for small car dealerships that are almost annoying to watch, and I never remember any type of signature logo or the name of the company. I also see Aflac commercials all the time, and I always remember who they are because of the duck in the commercial. I can’t even begin to name the amount of “big business” commercials that I have seen that some part of the commercial or advertisement has just stuck, and on the other hand I can remember always being annoyed by those “hometown” dealership commercials and I never remember which one it is because I just want it to be over.


another students blog

I would definitely agree that the Big Ten has an image problem, but I would have to say that in my opinion it’s more of a short term problem. Although the conference has had a few down years, (this one perhaps being the worst) I do believe that we will turn it around. College football is as random and unpredictable as any sport. Teams and conferences fluctuate all the time and although the SEC is the best and has been for some time I do think that this will eventually change.  You mentioned that the spread being integrated more and more is a disadvantage to the Big Ten’s style of football, but by the same token the old school Big Ten style of playing defense and running the ball still exists in current dominant programs such as Stanford, Wisconsin, and Alabama. I do agree that the SEC has been getting the overall best recruits which is a definite advantage, but with Urban Meyer in the back in Ohio, Brady Hoke in that state up north, and the consistent programs of Michigan State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin I do believe that our conference will reemerge.

Another students blog

I couldn’t agree more. Twitter can be used in many different ways and all of them can be beneficial. Personally I feel that using it for business is the most benefit way to use this social media outlet. I’m not saying that I do not use it to generally tweet or for any other of the ways that you can use it because I do often. I just believe that there is a lot of relevant, business worthy information on twitter that is constantly overlooked. If you follow the right people or companies than there will always be relevant information that relates to you on your news feed. I personally follow a lot of companies from within the oil and gas industry because this industry is becoming more than relevant in Ohio and it truly interests me. I also follow multiple news outlets because they allow me to obtain more useful information and they also sometimes post things about business that is intriguing as well. Overall I use twitter in many different ways, but I truly believe that using it for business is the most beneficial.


Another students blog


I would definitely have to agree with the fact that twitter is the heavy weight of the social media world right now. You also brought up an interesting point about how MySpace faded away very quickly as Facebook came on, but unlike MySpace to Facebook, Facebook did not seem to fall into the shadow of twitter. I’m not sure why this is, but even though twitter is on top of the social media world Facebook will not lose all of its popularity. Another interesting fact that I have noticed is the carry over that is taking place from twitter to other social networks. What I mean by carry over is that people use concepts that started on twitter on other social networking sites. Before twitter no one knew what a hashtag was. Now people use them every day on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The world of social media is forever expanding, and that will not change anytime soon. People will keep coming out with new ways to communicate through social networks on the internet, but for now twitter takes the cake as being at the top of the social media world.





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