Importance of public opinion

Public opinion is of great importance especially to any large organization that is widely recognized. It creates a perception of how reliable a company is and how much it should be it should be trusted by the public. This perception is usually gained from the experiences that many individuals within the public have with some type of organization. It’s possible that public opinion could be the most important aspect of PR management. If there is a bad perception of your company throughout the public, then odds are that your company is not going to be very successful. The citizens of the public are both customers and one of the best ways to spread word about your organization. The bottom line is that you want the public’s opinion of your organization to be a good one, and good things will come. Public opinion is used very frequently through PR management. a public relations management team’s job would be to manage the relationship between an organization and it’s public, as well as try to make sure that that relationship is a good one. Any person in public relations wants the public to look at that certain organization in a good way which makes sense. Any organization that gives a bad impression to its public is most likely not going to fair well. Digital media also plays a tremendous role in in public opinion. Digital media helps to convey strategic messages that organizations try to convey to their public, and it helps those messages to be received on a much larger scale. Digital media allows an organization to spread any message that it wants to pretty much any place that it wants. Any organization can basically get their name, slogan, logo, etc. out anywhere that they want to and to any demographic that they want to due to social media. Digital media has definitely changed and I would say by a pretty significant amount. The reason that it has changed so significantly is due to to the fact that technology has advanced so much. The advancements in technology over the years has led to many new digital media tactics and it has also allowed for both the old and new tactics to have a greater reach. Digital media in today’s world allows for a message to travel thousands of miles in just seconds. This helps larger organizations to expand their business because they are able to obtain customers from all over the country and even the world. Pubic relations practitioners do a great job of using digital media to both reach the public and influence the public’s opinion. I believe that public relations practitioners are able to influence the public’s opinion, and most of the time the public doesn’t even realize it. A public relations specialist may come up with some type of creative logo or some type of catchy slogan that can influence the public in itself. For example I had never rented a car before, but I have seen many Hertz commercials throughout the years, and I remembered their logo, so when I finally did need to rent a car, they were the first company that came to mind. Overall public opinion is very significant and PR specialists do a great job of utilizing different types of media to reach the public. They use many different ways to reach the public such as polls, surveys, print media, and social media, etc. No matter which way is used it will reach and help to influence the public.


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My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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