Twitter: The Best Source of Social Media

Twitter is my personal favorite source of social media and I have had one for quite some time now, so naturally most of my previous twitter experiences have been good. I like twitter because you can follow anyone that you’d like to, and this allows you to receive any type of news that you’d like. You can follow celebrities, companies, news channels, reporters, friends, and pretty much anyone that you’d like to follow. All of the twitter handles that you follow will provide different types of information, and that’s exactly why it’s so unique. Any type of media that is relevant to you or of great importance will be on twitter a few moments after it happens. For instance I was constantly checking on the NFL referee’s strike to see when the situation would be resolved, and of course once it finally was resolved, I found out through twitter. I would also say that there are personal, social, and professional values that come with using twitter, and this applies to all users. Personally it allows any person to receive information about whatever they want from a number of sources. Socially twitter allows you to follow friends, and it also allow you to stay in touch with people that you haven’t seen in a while, or do not see much of at all. Twitter is beneficial professionally because you can follow the twitter handle for the company that you want to work for, or even an individual that could be your future employer. I don’t think I would say that any “twitterers” necessarily impress me. I really don’t see anything to be impressed about, although the amount of information that is presented by certain accounts is pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend fellow students to follow certain twitter handles. Some examples are CNN, NBC, ABC, Barack Obama’s twitter, Mitt Romney’s twitter, an account for your local news, and any other politicians you would like to follow. Twitter handles such as these provide useful information on a daily basis and they will also inform the twitter world if anything of great importance is happening. I think that I will continue to use twitter and honestly I don’t know if I ever see it stopping. Like I said earlier it allows you to keep up with people that you haven’t seen in a while such as old college friends, and it also provides useful information. For instance, my schedule right now really never allows me to see the six o’clock news, and I have no newspaper delivery to my current address so twitter truly is how I obtain most of my news media. I recently came across a discussion that debated whether twitter should be classified as media or technology. At first I thought that it should be considered media, but after doing a little more research I came to realize that it should probably be considered both. I mean sure twitter is a great way to obtain, and spread media throughout a social network, but doesn’t it also provide us with the technology to do so? I would have to say yes.


About mcdermott96

My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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