OSU PRSSA Tweetchat

The tweetchat that took place for the OSUPRSSA meeting was actually pretty interesting. Mindi wells taught me and many other people a great deal of information that we would not have known otherwise. For instance all of the questions that you cannot be asked in an interview were pretty amazing. Some of them were marital status, age, and religious affiliation. I feel like these are questions that can be asked in casual conversation. For all I know I could have been asked these questions in an interview before, and answered because I didn’t know they were illegal. The other questions were all interesting as well, but I didn’t think that any were as interesting as the first one. For instance she also asked how you would answer when asked a difficult question. I had to think for a while about this, but then I did recall a time when this happened to me. I was asked a question that I was not prepared for in a previous interview, and I just remained confident, and answered to the best of my ability. I guess this tactic worked for me because I did end up receiving the job. I was not at the meeting, but just through the tweets and conversations that were taking place I could tell that Mindi was a great speaker. Over all the tweetchat was very useful and informative, but due to the amount of people that were in it, and the amount of time that it takes for the tweets to load, you see a lot of “repetitive tweeting.” What I mean by this is when multiple people are tweeting similar things about the same topic. It’s not anybody’s fault, but when your looking for new information it can get a little annoying. Besides this I believe that tweetchats are very beneficial, and can help to transmit information about a meeting or event to people who aren’t even there.


About mcdermott96

My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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