The effects of digital communication on the art of the press release

Digital communication has both changed and in many ways improved the press release. Due to the integration of digital communication there are many new ways for those who are printing to the press release to send them out to the media. Digital communication also allows for those who receive the press release to be able to respond or forward it to anyone else who might want to read it. In the past there was no quick and easy way to communicate. Now people can just pick up the phone to send a text, or send an email and both texting and email along with many other digital communication tactics can send tremendous amounts of information in just a few seconds. This is a large reason why messages both spread to the press and throughout the media in such a short amount of time. Digital communication is an art that is almost foreign to older generations, because it has grown with the younger generations within our society, but this should also aid it in evolving further. According to the Pew Research Center, “In nearly every country, the young and the well-educated are especially likely to embrace all of these technologies. People under age 30 and college graduates tend to use their cell phones for more purposes than those in older age groups and those without a college degree, and they are also more likely to use social networking sites.” This is not to say that social media is only for the young generations because there are many PR and marketing specialists that use digital communication every day. The Pew Research Center also goes on to elaborate on global digital communication, by the use of smart phones and social networking in this article Digital communication can also aid in the creation of a press release by helping to get the message that it contains across. Nobody wants to see a plain old press release in bold print. It just doesn’t stand out, but when you send one with graphics, pictures, and designs or even a digital release with a video in it, it really helps to grasp the attention of the audience. It also makes the PR or marketing specialist that received the release to spread the message. One of the most important goals of a news release is to make the content of it interesting and newsworthy, and adding digital media components to it will only help to do so. According to The Princeton Review, “Multimedia developers and managers use digital communications methods to create any variety of entertainment, graphic design, and artistic productions.” More information from this article can be found at Overall the impact that digital communication has on the art of writing a press release is tremendous. It has made it easier to draw the attention of the audience to the message that the writer wants to convey. Digital communication is a concept that is relatively new, and has evolved with the younger generations in our society, and this will only continue to occur.


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My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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