The pro’s and cons of live tweeting

Live tweeting an event is a unique way to use a social network. Whether it is just you or multiple people at an event, you are able to provide useful information that you could be learning for the first time as well. Live tweeting is definitely very different than other types of twitter conversations such as twee chats or just general tweeting, although tweet chats and live tweeting do have some things in common as well. In tweet chats there are multiple people all joining in to create a larger twitter conversation. The conversation is basically everyone stating their opinions or likes and dislikes about the event that caused the tweet chat to occur. This happens a lot while live tweeting from an event as well. There may be multiple people live tweeting an event together. Another thing that tweet chats and live tweets have in common is that they both use hash tags to try and connect all of the people that are tweeting about the same thing. An article that I found on goes on to show why people should live tweet and how hash tags can help in doing so. It also helps to explain why people live tweet. General tweeting is definitely a lot different than live tweeting from an event. When people generally tweet it can be about pretty much anything and this is not the way it works when it comes to live tweeting. Live tweeting from an event means that you will mainly tweet about the things that are happening at your particular event and your opinions on those things. When it comes down to trying to differentiate between these three different types of tweeting and which one I like the best it is difficult to do. They all have their own advantages. When generally tweeting you can feel free to tweet about anything that is appropriate to be visible to the public. When in a tweet chat you and friends or classmates can have social interaction, or actually discuss important subjects. When Live tweeting from an event the tweets and hash tags are current and up to date with the information that is being presented at the event. Although this is an advantage to live tweeting, I also see it as a disadvantage as well. The fact that you have to tweet about the event that is occurring limits you to what you can tweet. It also limits the amount of people that will pay attention to what you are tweeting about, because depending on the size of the event, the amount of people that want to see these live tweets will be limited. Although this does benefit the people that do want to know what is happening at this event and if the event is large enough the amount of people that can be impacted by someone live tweeting from it can be vast. For example an influential figure that is live tweeting from an event such as a presidential debate will gain many followers, and in doing so will also help to spread his or her opinion on the topic at hand. The hash tags that they use could also end up trending which will cause them to be even more widespread throughout the twitter world.


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My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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