Why Polar Bears can sell soda

The first advertisement that I can remember seeing is the Coca Cola polar bear ad. When I say my first ad I don’t mean it’s the first ad that ever saw. I really have no idea what the first ad that I ever saw was, but this ad was the first one that had an impact on me. I remember the ad grabbing my attention as soon as I saw it and it forever changed my perception about Coca Cola and pop in general. Throughout my life whenever I thought of pop I thought of Coca Cola. Coca Cola also immediately became my favorite type of pop. Whenever it came to distinguishing between the similar brands of Coca Cola and Pepsi, I always chose Coca Cola. Here is a link to the commercial so that you may see the influence that this ad can have for yourselves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jgf-_j_mZ8&feature=related. Now that I’m older it doesn’t have the effect on me that it did when I was younger, but I can definitely see why it impacted me so greatly. The incorporation of Santa Clause and the creativity of using the polar bear does a great job of grasping the attention of the audience, especially a younger audience. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the polar bear in these ads is that it never speaks, it just says ooh, ah, or it sometimes grunts. It’s truly amazing that Coca Cola was able to grasp the attention of such a large audience with a character that doesn’t even speak. Coca Cola published an article on the history of the polar bear in its ads, along with some interesting information about the polar bear and its history. This article helps to show why they used the polar bear and also why it was so effective. It can be found at http://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/coke-lore-polar-bears. This commercial absolutely did its job, and I would also say that it live up to the expectations that Coca Cola had for it. Coca Cola basically became my favorite pop before I ever drank it. All I and many other children needed to see was that polar bear on the box and that was what we wanted. This shows that Coca Cola achieved exactly what they were looking to do. They developed a worldwide icon that was viewed as something that all children wanted. When I was younger and I thought about drinking pop, the only pop that came to mind was coke, and that alone shows that this advertisement did its job. There are few other Icons that can be directly associated with their company like the polar bear can be with Coca Cola. Some that could be compared could be Tony the Tiger, the Aflac duck, the Geico lizard, etc. but when it comes down to it whenever I see a lizard I think of Geico, when I see a duck I immediately think of Aflac, and when I see a polar bear whether it be in a zoo, on TV, or in a Coca Cola commercial, I automatically think of Coca Cola.


About mcdermott96

My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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