An NCAAF Playoff will be better then the BCS

College football is a sport that is truly unlike any other. There are over 115 teams that compete in Division 1 A college football alone and all of them ontain athletes that are giften enough to make it to ths level of football. Most people would argue that this is exactly why a college football playoff is a necessity. Underdogs win all the time n this sport and that seems to be what the country wants to see, so a playoff would allow fans to see this happen more and in times when it matters more as well. The top four team playoff that is coming to the sport will truly provide an opprtunity for teams to compete for a national championship that may never have made it without this system. The current BCS program that that college football rely’s on contains to many flaws for it to be relied on anymore. There are to many computers that are involved in making the standings. No matter how you spell it, every team has eleven players on the field at all times. Any team can win at any given time which is why the only way to decide who is the best out of four teams is to have them play each other.j Even though the plyoff system seems to be prferred throughout the country, some people are still confused as to why it is just now being implemented. I mean there have been plenty of situations throughout the years when this system  could have been used. There are also some that  still support the BCS, but overall I think that tge majority of college football fan asre exited to see a playoff. This article helps to show some of the opinions from people who were influentil in impememnting thi system. This article helps to show why this system should be implemented along with the benefits that it can provifde for college football. Overall college football is a sport like no other, and the new playoff system will only help to make it better.


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My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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