The Buckeye Shale Energy Organization at The Ohio State University is an organization like no other at Ohio State. It is in support of the Oil and gas industry in Ohio and it intends to promote the growth of this industry in Ohio. Many of the members of this unique organization such as the president, a couple of the board members, and also many of the founding members are from Youngstown, Ohio. This is relevant because the Youngstown area is currently experiencing an economic rejuvenation due to this industry and these students have recognized this.  There is shale by the name of the Utica Shale that is causing tremendous economic growth in Northeast Ohio. The type of growth that hasn’t been seen in this area since it was one of the top steel producing areas in the country back in the 1970’s. This has caused a serious change to the identity of downtown Youngstown. Here is a link to an article and video that will help to show and explain these changes 

The main goal of this organization is to connect students to employers within this industry, but they also are in support of and intend to promote this industry in Ohio. In order to help make these connections the BSEO holds an annual networking event in which employers from within this industry come to meet students from the BSEO. This seems to appeal to the employing companies because it allows them to be introduced to new young minds that want to be a part of their industry. This networking event along with the biweekly meetings that are held by this organization also help to provide all  members anybody else that wants to come  with a tremendous variety of information about this industry. They host a different speaker every week that is there to share his experiences and provide advice that can help to students from within the BSEO to succeed in the oil and gas industry. Here is a link to a website where The BSEO President, Vince Melillo talks a little bit about the BSEO. There are also videos of other influential speakers from within the oil and gas industry.  This site also contains some relevant information on the Shale development and the types of opportunities that it can bring into Ohio. The BSEO provides a lot of opportunities that pretty much no other organization can , and those that choose to join it will be part of an up and coming student organization.



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My name is Bob McDermott and I am a senior Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University.
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